yuppie breeding ground

Overheard at the local playground by a yuppie mommy (with WAAAAYYY too much enthusiasm and wild applause):


Oh, for Pete’s sake. All that kid did was obey the laws of gravity. Must we compliment our children for their every little triumph? Wait until Jake finds out that the world isn’t all that impressed with his accomplishments.

6 thoughts on “yuppie breeding ground

  1. Daisy: Have you been to the same playground in New Jersey? It’s uncanny!Jo: “Jakey” looked to be all of 3 years old and is too young for that nonsense. So surprised to see you mention baseball. Is it catching on in the UK?

  2. LOL at the post.Here’s another cheer for “Jakey”:Way to shit your pants Jakey! Yeah! Way to go, my big boy!Now, excuse me whilst I go puke.

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