Gift-bearing Kiwi invades New York

Lots of folks threaten to come to New York and share a libation with me but only a brave few have followed through. So far.

Dinah of More Idle Thoughts, who was born in New Zealand but moved to London and finally settled in Australia, is in Brooklyn for a six week cat-sitting gig. Lucky her!


The Brooklyn Bridge just before sunset (on the Brooklyn side). Note the beautiful cathedral window cutouts in the stanchion and the spider-web cables.

She’s staying in Brooklyn Heights, which is a beautifully preserved neighborhood just off the Brooklyn Bridge. All those years I lived in New York I fantasized about living in a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights but I was denied that pleasure.

I haven’t been out to eat in Brooklyn for quite some time so I asked four people for a recommendation and each of them said the exact same thing; Noodle Pudding. It’s a terrible, terrible name for a very nice Italian restaurant. I had a lovely risotto with sausage. She was nice enough to gift me this incredible print she made. She lugged it all the way form Oz! Inscribed it to boot!


You meet some very nice people, who have some very interesting stories to tell, from blogging. When someone comes to New York and takes the time to look me up, I feel a special responsibility to show the city in its best light. It’s a happy challenge.

14 thoughts on “Gift-bearing Kiwi invades New York

  1. Daisy: You hear that everyone? Daisy’s seal of approval. And she would know!Sav: Let me check. Ummmm…right now ALL YEAR is open.Nurse: My greatest challenge will be when you visit. You’ve lived here so there’s not much you haven’t seen already.Pat: I would have loved to see the same New York you saw. I’m sure it’s a different planet now.kykn: Cats seem an appropriate pet for the city. I had two for a long time and they were happy. Dogs in the city always seem a bit hyper.

  2. I recall being in NY several years ago and being quite transfixed by the sight of steam coming from the subway. And cops eating doughnuts. It was like all the cliches had come out to welcome me. Loved it.

  3. MDeF: This place is worth a look. It might not be for everyone and you might even hate it, but you’ve got to see it to believe it. Like Vegas.Sid: Is that true? I’ve never heard that about Long Island. And I’ve been here a long time! I’m pretty sure all the good U.S. surfing is in California.

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