The Envelope Please…

Tracy Letts won the Pulitzer Prize in Drama for “August: Osage County.” Hell, yes. It’s an insane, entertaining three hour ride. As soon as it ended, I wanted the cast to go back to the beginning and do it all over again. The Pulitzer committee also created a “Special Music Citation” for Bob Dylan. Isn’t the Pulitzer a writing prize? Primarily for journalism? Way to dilute your award, fellas. Perhaps next year they’ll create a special Reality TV Citation.

* * *

After many, many weeks of painstaking research and due diligence, I finally bought a new laptop last night. I was primarily concerned with portability. Companies who manufacture six pound laptops have a lot of nerve calling them “portable.” Try walking nine blocks up and two Avenues over with that in your bag! Perhaps I need more upper body strength. Anyway, I selected the lightest laptop that HP makes. I was driving to the train this morning and on the 1010 WINS business report, they announced that HP is introducing a 9”, 2.5 pound ULTRA portable laptop today. I almost drove off a bridge. Hey you! Universe! Stop fucking with me, okay?!

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