About a month ago I had to work over a weekend, so the Benevolent Dictators that employ me said I could have a comp day as a sop. Today was the first really nice day outside – plentiful warm sunshine – so I took my comp day and spent it in the Guggenheim and wandering around Central Park. If you are in Central Park on a weekday in the middle of the afternoon, you will bear witness to a remarkable phenomena. People are out and about, casually strolling, enjoying the day, with no particular place to go. A lot of people in New York just do not work. I have no idea how they generate income but I can tell you one thing, they are not sitting in a skyscraper at a specific desk for a set amount of time on the same five days of the week while trying to clandestinely check the baseball scores and the latest Bukowski titles up on eBay. It’s maddening to watch these people. I wish I could take the afternoon I had today and somehow turn it into a money making venture. Now THAT’S a career path worth following!

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