Take a look at this Jersey Shore citadel of culture and dining.

Copy of IMGP3625
It’s the fabulous Circus Drive-In. This is one of—if not the—last working drive-in diners with curb service left in the U.S. You can sit inside the restaurant and be awash in its tackiness or stay in your car and a car hop will take your order, put a tray on your car, and bring your food to you. No, they’re not on roller skates.

This place was opened in 1954 and is much the same today as it was then. The diner is round. Like a circus tent. Get it? And take a look at this interior.


My goodness! Isn’t that just beautiful! I had a grilled pork roll and cheese on rye with fries. Don’t know what pork roll is? Well, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll just have to drive/fly/crawl to the Jersey Shore and find out for yourself. This place is pure Americana and even a cynical old curmudgeon like myself is susceptible to its charm. Now, where’d I pack my bong?

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