Multiple Choice

Let’s say it’s a Sunday in June. In fact, let’s say it’s the first Sunday of the summer. Pretty nice out. You have some options. Which of these to do you choose:

a. You live near the Jersey shore and have some very nice beaches at your disposal. You hop on the Garden State Parkway, pick an exit and before you know it, you’re wiggling your toes in the sand while The Daughters hunt for sea shells.

b. You drive into New York City to attend the Make Music New York festival. You select one of the hundreds of outdoor performances that are part of a day that spotlights the city’s rich mixture of musical taste.

c. You have in-laws who have a spectacular built-in pool in their back yard. It’s never crowded. It’s quiet. There’s a very comfortable floating mattress. You even have a mother-in-law who will occasionally hand you a fudge pop as you float by.

d. You get a steam cleaner and you spend the day cleaning every carpet in the house. Your hands become raw from repeatedly spilling carpet cleaning solvent all over them and your back hurts from lugging a steam cleaner up and down two staircases.

Answer: It’s d, of course! What are you, a complete idiot? Don’t you want clean carpets?!

2 thoughts on “Multiple Choice

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to admit that I spent a few hours yesterday matching all my Tupperware lids to their bottom halves. I’m not that Type A, but the whole situation was completely out of control. (It was pouring outside, in my defense.) Obviously I’m really a closet suburbanite!

  2. Older but not wiser….a.- You should spend as much time with the girls as possible, before you know it they will be gone.b.- NYC always has something going on.c.-You can always go to the in-laws. Schedule this on a possible rainy day so if it rains you can get a free dinner.d.-The carpeting will be dirty again in a few months. Hence this is a rainy day project.You should have called me…you may be older but apparently not wiser.MT

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