McMuzak Review

Before my meditation class last night I had dinner at McDonald’s because, as you know, I can’t do anything nice for my mind/body without first trying to sabotage my good intentions. I was hoping that during the opening mediation, the essence of my Big Mac would emanate from the pours in my skin and fill the air, making all of those closet meat eaters hungry.

While enjoying my fries, the McD’s muzak station played Love Is Like Oxygen by 70s British glam band Sweet. That song rocks! I love it! Who doesn’t? It’s one of the very first bar chord riffs I taught myself.

Love is like oxygen
You get too much it gets you high
Not enough and you’re going to die

I bit into my hamburger and suddenly realized that Big Macs are like oxygen as well. You get too much, they get you high (or sleepy or fat or constipated), not enough and you might as well die. After Sweet, they played More Than This by Roxy Music off of their seminal album Avalon, which is also a great song, but not in a jokey manner like Love Is Like Oxygen. It’s a great song in a serious manner. There’s nothing jokey about Roxy Music. I wish I were Bryan Ferry. I wouldn’t be sitting here typing in this idiot blog, I can tell you that much.

3 thoughts on “McMuzak Review

  1. I’ve always been a fan of “Wig Wam Bam,” if only because they’d put on Indian headdresses when they performed it. And, beind half-Lakota, I appreicate any nods to “my people.”

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