My :15 Minutes

Once upon a time, I got involved with printing a limited edition chapbook that combined an essay by British author Nick Hornby and the lyrics to Thunder Road by music guy Bruce Springsteen. The only way we were able to secure permission to use their work was to agree to donate all the profits to a charity, which we were happy to do. We didn’t give a shit about the money. It was for art’s sake (it’s okay to laugh). We were going to split the donation 50/50 but Springsteen’s “people” deferred to Mr. Hornby, so all the money was to go to TreeHouse, a school in London for autistic children.

Long story short. After visiting Mr. Hornby in his London office and having him sign many, many pages that were to be bound into the book (a signed book can be sold for more than an unsigned one, thus generating a larger donation) the project crashed and burned horribly. It cost me a friendship. Mr. Hornby writes about this sad episode today in his blog.

1 thought on “My :15 Minutes

  1. i think he was saying “if you’re not failing every once in awhile, you’re not trying enough”… at least that’s how i read it! not so much a slam, but an acknowledgement that people will always be people… hey, at least you tried!

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