Further Evidence that Fashionistas Are Idiots

According to a New York Times Article:

It’s No Boo-Boo: Bandages as Fashion Accessories

WHEN Nicholas James Brown prepares to go out for cocktails at the Tribeca Grand or to a clambake in the Hamptons, he sticks on a few boldly patterned Band-Aids by the Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch.

… the colorful strips are an important accessory, and he’s careful to coordinate them with his Kris Van Assche sweater or his Balenciaga bag.

Do I need to just lighten up? You can tell me. I won’t be offended. But they seem take this very seriously, which feeds my nausea. Sometimes I wonder why I still live here.

4 thoughts on “Further Evidence that Fashionistas Are Idiots

  1. I believe the wordMuppetsshould replace fashionista’s in your titlesticking plasters for fashion, honestly. I’d say only in America but we have Amy Winehouse’s beehive

  2. criminy. emphasis on the “crime” part of that… these people should be locked away. they are a pox on society. no wonder the rest of the world hates us…

  3. There is a French word for people who buy designer band-aids and coordinate them with their fabulous outfits: les douchebags. Or is that something they carry their adorable miniature Schnauzers in? I can never get that straight…

  4. These guys are sooooo 2002. I mean, Nelly was sporting that stupid ass bandage on his face years ago.*Me? I’m on the cutting edge of shit-you-find-in-the-medicine-cabinet fashion. Take my word for it: in 2008, it’s all about Tampon Earrings. Come on, they already have that string for a reason.*And he looked like a fucktard then, too.

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