I Judge

I did some design work for a Vice President at Benevolent Dictators, Inc. I like her enough and she’s pleasant, but I never really took her seriously. She seems a bit mousy and even though she’s in sales, she doesn’t talk a good game (which is a necessary tool of the trade). I work in an open-architecture environment and I overhear her cold calls. She lacks confidence. I’ve never heard her take command of a conversation. She appears to be of average intelligence.

Yesterday, I stumbled across her bio. She has a B.A. in molecular engineering from MIT. You’d never know! When am I going to stop judging people without first checking under the hood? How many times do I need to be taught that lesson? What a dolt, I be.

4 thoughts on “I Judge

  1. That happens to me in my company all the time. I end up traveling to a field office in the middle of the sticks to do some work, places that are filled with dudes in dirty, unkept clothes, 99% of whom look like they’d have a pretty good shot at winning the Uncle Jesse lookalike contest at the county fair. Between the overall look and manner of speaking, I assume they’re bumpkins.Then I look on their walls and see their master of science degrees and realize that, just like momma always said, I’m an asshole.

  2. sales and communication skills are often scarce amongst the scientifically gifted… she may be great in one-on-one discussions with those folks who need their sales rep to have technical ‘street cred’…

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