5 thoughts on “Please Watch This

  1. thanks – i’ve been without cable (and sadly, no Jon Stewart – who wants me desperately, he just doesn’t know it yet). this is pretty brilliant…but i’m still dreading november. they’re gonna steal another election because the american people are asleep at the wheel.

  2. We solved annie’s link issue. In Canada we have to go to the Canadian version of comedy central to watch Jon Stewart’s show clips.I wonder if any of these talking heads has any clue of how idiotic they look when clips from different times/situations are compared that show how two-sided they all are.They all get an ‘F’ for consistency and an ‘A’ for pandering.

  3. daisy: I might be getting tix to the Daily Show. If so, I’ll inform Mr. Stewart of his heretofore unknown desire.tome: Thanks for the fix. Despite the tsunami of evidence that these people are nothing more than fools with an agenda, people STILL follow their counsel. Sad, sad, sad.

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