The Building Vanishes

How cool is this?

The See-Through Skyscraper

Once in a while…when the light and the angles are just right, a skyscraper can come close to vanishing.

That happened last Thursday, when the 52 floors of 7 World Trade Center faded into the cloud-flecked blue of a late summer afternoon. Its masonry neighbors (140 West Street and 90 West Street) stood out in contrast.


That’s not Photoshop trickery, folks. It’s an unedited pic. I usually have nothing but distain for glass towers, but I have to admit that this is really nice.

4 thoughts on “The Building Vanishes

  1. It’s ghostly. What a wonderful story that would make. An office building in the middle of a major city that appears and vanishes without warning. No one able to enter or leave except at those moments when it is visible to the world.Very cool.

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