When Censors are Sleeping

This publicity still from the new Micky Rourke film The Wrestler has made the rounds since winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


What you can kind of see in this pic (depending on your monitor resolution), but is as clear as day in this morning’s print version of the New York Times, is a sign held by someone in the audience. In the print version, on the front page of the Arts section, they forgot to darken that sign in Photoshop. It reads:


I’m picturing all those staid old crows on the Upper East Side doing a spit-take with their morning French press. It’s a cheap laugh but since we’re in for another financial bloodbath today, I’ll take it.

6 thoughts on “When Censors are Sleeping

  1. Have no clue who that is but if it is a “fat cat” than it is likely deserved.Although lately I am reading more and more about the “average” folk who stupidly over-extended themselves thinking that their ATM houses would cover them and I am wondering if there are many people who can claim the high road in this current mess.

  2. annie: My feelings exactly! Borrowers share MUCH of the blame. I would have loved a house closer to the city (I commute 4 hrs./day) or more sq. ft. but I simply couldn’t afford it. Overextending yourself seems to be the American way.

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