Come N’ Get It

Here’s what you can order at Wildwood Barbecue on Park Avenue and 18th St.


For real. All you need to do is call a couple of days ahead of time and cough up either $400 or $650 (depending on how big of a pig you need) and they’ll wheel this bad boy right up to your table and carve it in front of you and your horrified guests. It’s got an apple in its mouth and two cherry tomatoes in its eye sockets. You can’t see it in this pic but the tongue is hanging out of its mouth.

Look, I’m a meat eater and I always will be, but when I saw this photo in this week’s Time Out New York, I almost heaved into my keyboard. I can eat bacon and pork chops because it doesn’t look like a pig. A juicy porterhouse doesn’t look like a cow. But this? Eww. No, thank you.

7 thoughts on “Come N’ Get It

  1. Part of my Cuban legacy, my father and uncles would cook up Lechon Asado (Roast Pig) when the family would all get together. It was delicious with congri and yucca. Didn’t look anything like that devil pig though.

  2. annie: Hey, you’re not talking about bacon are you? Because I love That sounds delicious. Do I have to look at it or can you just bring a plate to my table?Nurse: Looks, nothing. It IS charred!sid: Holy cow! You’re right! It really does look like roasted bat!sonny: And on the desert menu: one of the aliens from “Independence Day.”

  3. Pig Roasts are a weekly event here in middle-america! “Pig Pickins” are the party to be at in the carolinas, too!Me? i like my meat processed beyond all recognition, thankyouverymuch. i don’t eat lobster, softshell crab or anything that has eyes. Thanksgiving turkey makes my brain melt if i’ve prepared the turkey and seen the little feather-ports on the skin… Blech…

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