7 thoughts on “Free Tips From the Buddha 6

  1. Cease to resist, giving my goodbyeDrive my car into the oceanYoull think Im dead, but I sail awayOn a wave of mutilationA waveWaveIve kissed mermaids, rode the el ninoWalked the sand with the crustaceansCould find my way to marianaOn a wave of mutilation,Wave of mutilationWave of mutilationWavePixies

  2. OMG. Rush. I went to Vegas for the first and only time to see their 25th anniversary tour. When I told my brother that I was going to see Rush, he said, “Limbaugh?”He’s lucky I even talk to him.Pearl

  3. digital: Guys like Frank Black use to take my lunch money away in junior high school.pearl : A big gold star for you! Those few simple lyrics embody the very essence of Buddhist teachings: Nothing is permanent. While that may sound dreary on the surface, once you embrace it, you are liberated.

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