Election Eve

My mom isn’t very mobile these days but she has always been politically active so I asked her if she was going to be able to get out and vote tomorrow. She’s in Ohio, which is a powerful swing state, so her vote is more influential than mine. Apparently, she has already voted via absentee ballot, clever girl that she is.

I asked her who she cast her vote for and she said Barak Obama, mainly because she couldn’t stand the thought of a Vice President, possibly President, Palin. I asked her if she ever thought she’d see the day when a black man stood on the threshold of becoming President. She said that she’s been through this before. Many years ago, according to her, people were convinced they’d NEVER see a Catholic President. Along came JFK and the impossible happened. Let’s all hope that Obama is elected and that the historical similarities end there.

* * *

According to a CNN poll released today, 5% of Americans are still undecided. How can anyone still be undecided?! After two years of intense campaigning by both parties, how can you still not know who you’re going to vote for? What a bunch of liars. Of course, they’ve decided. If you’re truly undecided, you haven’t been paying attention. And that’s the most charitable thing I can say about you.

4 thoughts on “Election Eve

  1. I actually know a few people who claim they are “undecided” and not because they haven’t been paying attention, more like they don’t really like either of the two main candidates. They are leaning one way or the other though, so they probably just have to bite the bullet and make a decision. I hope they do. Everyone should take advantage of the great opportunity we have in this country to vote.

  2. I’m always willing to own-up when I’m wrong. You were right about the warring monks. But I’m standing my ground on this one. I’m not all that crazy about the candidates either, but SURELY you should have your mind made up by now. At this point, what else is there to learn?

  3. I wouldn’t have believed all this undecided talk if I didn’t actually have more than a handful of folks tell me that’s how they felt, but you are probably correct. They aren’t really undecided. They are decided, just not ready to own their decision yet is probably more like it.Happy voting tomorrow.

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