Nothing says “It’s Christmas time in the city!” better than some festive holiday lights. And I can’t think of a better use for those tiny white lights than to decorate some scaffolding outside a construction site.


That took some time! Doesn’t it just warm your heart? This scaffolding is on 6th Avenue one block south of 34th Street by Macy’s. The area is choked with tourists and here in New York City, we like to put on our prettiest face for the out-of-towners during the holidays. Do you suppose the scaffolding is similarly decorated in the Bronx and the dicey parts of Brooklyn? It’s not likely.

* * *

I just passed a gentleman in an elegant business suit walking down 42nd Street between Madison and 5th Avenue who was carrying his leather briefcase in one hand and shaving with an electric razor with he free hand. For real! That’s an EXCELLENT example of multi-tasking during your morning commute.

IIIIIIIIII love New York…

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