did i say 28? i meant 29

saturn1I snuck in one more play before the year wound down. CB and I saw Saturn Returns at Lincoln Center.

It had an interesting premise. One character is played by three different actors representing three stages in his life, each stage being 30 years apart (the time it takes Saturn to make a complete orbit). The same actress played his wife in the early years, his daughter in the middle years and his home care nurse in the latter part of his life, so she was on stage throughout and did all the heavy lifting.

The early years were too melodramatic, he was too unlikeable and needy a character in the middle years, but there were some genuine sparks when the eldest of the three actors walked on stage. That character had the best lines, but I think a bigger reason is that he was, by far, the most accomplished actor of the three.

* * *

I haven’t seen much of 7-Year Old Daughter this past week. Her cousin, who is a mere six weeks older than her, is here visiting. She got here last Friday and is staying at my in-laws house. The two of them are pretty close, so they’ve been spending all their time together over there with no need to have a dad around mucking things up.

I understand all this but I don’t really like it. I usually read to her at night before she goes to sleep but I’ve only read to her once in the past six days. I miss her.

Poster credit: Jane Fisher

7 thoughts on “did i say 28? i meant 29

  1. letting go is hard… outside influence. when we are no longer the sole center of their universe? ouch…she’ll be back. and that cousin? will be a soulmate for life… i remember this one well…

  2. daisyfaeYou could not have said it better…you should write greeting cards.The worse day of my life was dropping my daughter off at college I cried for the full 2 hour ride home. Now it means so much more when she comes home.Hang in there Unbearable she will be back for a book soon…where did you learn to become such a good dadMT

  3. Whenever we are at my mom’s, wee daughter is off and running with her cousin and the neighbor kids. Between Grandma and Aunties, I am barely required to do more than feed and bath her. They have to move beyond us – for their sake and ours.

  4. daisy: MT knows what she’s talking about! She works for a major greeting card manufacturer. For real. annie: Well, if they have to move beyond us I guess I better get use to the idea.digital: In the Big Scheme, I hope she DOES find a replacement!E: By the time she’s a teen I’ll be too senile to know what’s gonig on.To all who read this idiot blog: Happy New Year. Thanks for visiting.

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