…and one more thing about Presidential skin pigment

If we’re going to make a big issue out of President Obama’s race (which, as I said a few posts ago, we should not be doing) wouldn’t it be more accurate to call him our first Mulatto President? Isn’t calling him our first African American President revisionist history?

8 thoughts on “…and one more thing about Presidential skin pigment

  1. but yeah…black, white or whatever what matters is whether or not he’ll live up to the messiah prophecy we have unfairly bestowed upon this guy or will he be just like every other prez we’ve ever had.which is say kinda crappy.

  2. Mulatto, Quadroon, Octoroon, High Yellow – bro, it’s the 21st century. Get back on the riverboat and steer it straight into the nearest time machine. Join us.Sorry, just trying to keep the place controversial. Don’t mind me. I think you’re on to something. ;)(Is there some significance to the fact that the scrambled CAPTCHA code I’m being asked to type spells “colerses”? Are they reading my scrambled thoughts?!)

  3. Bi-racial is a good label if one is trying to be accurate and it is more inclusion in that huggie sort of way Americans like to think they are. It’s too bad he isn’t transgendered, then he could be our first Wo/man president too.

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