Vegans/peta members: DO NOT READ THIS POST!

Game on!


This is pig on top of cow New York Greek diner style. I wish I had had a ruler with me so that I could provide a scale. It was slightly smaller than a sewer lid.

Colon sent a message to mouth:

“Noooooo! Don’t do it! You’ll kill us ALL!”

Mouth didn’t listen.

I belong to a local chapter of peta.

My chapter is: People Eating Tasty Animals.



7 thoughts on “Vegans/peta members: DO NOT READ THIS POST!

  1. You know, I haven’t eaten a burger in almost a year. Which is not to say I have not consumed everything on that plate one piece at a time. If my trainer finds out I ate 3 slices of bacon for breakfast yesterday it would be lunges and crunches till I can’t see straight.P.S. word verification: pygssti

  2. GOD I LOVE BACON… a true guilty pleasure. saw an article on making ‘bacon infused vodka’ and had to seriously consider it for a moment…word verification: uninging

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