random nyc pic


The Chrysler Building through Bryant Park branches in the early evening. I love how this pic turned out. It looks like one of those great René Magritte paintings with a daytime sky and a nighttime street scene.

There are many beautiful skyscrapers in New York City but the Chrysler Building is my favorite bar none. The closer you get to that building, the more stunning it is.

The Woolworth Building is also in my top five. The lobby features a series of carved wooden gargoyles that depict F.W. Woolworth (clutching money), the architect Cass Gilbert (clutching a model of the building) and other personalities of the day. In the lobby ceiling, you’ll find a Tiffany stained glass mural—the largest piece of Tiffany glass in the world!

The World Trade Center was always in my top five as well, even though it was scoffed at by architectural critics. But… yea… well, you know. I miss it.

6 thoughts on “random nyc pic

  1. I like the plaza in front of the Met and there is an arch in front of a park somewhere (is that near NYU – it’s been a long time) that I liked.I like 5th Ave. Just walking from one end til you get to the park. Cities can be beautiful in their own mortar and brick way.

  2. The first time we brought our girls to see NYC the only thing N.wanted was to see was gargoyles do remember that….and of course you provided along with every request that the rest of had and then some. It was one of the best vacations we had; anyone that has you take them around NYC is a very fortunate person.MT

  3. annie: Your memory is correct. The arch is at the entrance to Washington Square Park in the heart of NYU. It fell into disrepair but was recently rehabilitated. It’s nice. And if the economy doesn’t improve in New York soon, 5th Avenue will feature a series of one boarded-up store after another!mt: And remember, I didn’t charge you anything for the tour service.afm: Thanks for the hat tip!nurse: Of course! How could I forget the Flatiron? When it first opened, it was described (favorably) as a great battleship steaming its way up Broadway.

  4. I might go to New York on a conference in a few months. Im trying to plan it so I get there a couple days early (or leave a couple days later) just so I can wander the streets like a tourist. If I do, you’ll be the first to hear about it!

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