can cynthia nixon act?

distractedHell yes.

Although best known as the tight-ass Miranda Hobbs from Sex in the City, she has a long stage pedigree that stretches back to her teens. She doesn’t do as much stage work as she use to, but I can assure you that she hasn’t lost her chops.

She is on stage in every scene of Distracted, the high-tension wire that’s about to open at the Roundabout Theater.

A contemporary mom struggles with her unruly 9-year old son. If, when all else fails, she puts him on Ritalin and he becomes a zombie, does that mean she has failed as a parent? The father is not much help in the, “no son of mine is going to be medicated” sort of macho way.

I have no idea where she gets the energy to be a clenched fist for two solid hours but she pulls it off beautifully. And I saw the show mid-week, for cryin’ out loud! Who has that kind of energy in the evening mid-week!? It’s a comedy and there are plenty of yucks, but when she is stretched to her limit and is about to snap, the tears come. This show would be a good initiation for someone who has never been to a play before. It’s got punch.

4 thoughts on “can cynthia nixon act?

  1. this sounds like a cool play to keep in mind as i’m always on the lookout for things to see with my wife.recently saw will ferrell on broadway in you’re welcome america. worth every penny seeing live if at all possible.miranda was the only one on sex and the city who i didn’t feel like punching in the face.

  2. i think i just got lucky. went straight to the box office and got a pair for for my wife’s b-day.the day i went to get them there was a shady fella at the next ticket window with LITERALLY A FISTFUL of credit cards buying pairs and bunches of seats on each card! i’m sure he was a scalper. i got the last two box seats for the evening we went.we had an amazing view of will and the stage and before showtime we saw a few celebrities in the crowd below including sam rockwell and CHEECH AND CHONG.don’t mean to sound like i’m gloating or anything but i’ve been meaning to write about all this on my own blog but i just don’t have the energy to do so as of late when i get home.i’m doing this at work now.

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