my taxes

I just had our taxes done. Last year, we had to write the I.R.S. a check for $4,000. This year, I am getting a $1,000 refund.

“Why the difference?” I asked Tim the Accountant.

“You suffered monumental losses in your equity accounts.”

That was 2008 for a lot of people, I suppose. But I’m happy about the refund. It’ll come in handy.

9 thoughts on “my taxes

  1. Always employ a good accountant. Always plead poverty to those around you. Always make entries in your business ledger using a pencil.Always remember the advantages of cash jobs.

  2. Daisy: The check is timely, that’s for damn sure.Gnu: It always feels like a springtime bonus when I get a refund.Jimmy: Tim the Accountant is as honest as the day is long. Don’t know what I’d do without him.Jo: The inland revenue people are simply doing their job. Bastards, that they are.

  3. Be doubly glad you don’t live in California, otherwise that refund cheque would be in the form of an IOU.(I know, I know, Fed is different than state, but that ruins the humour in my comment! What? There’s no humour? *Sigh*)

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