obama’s new neighborhood

For the Easter weekend we drove down to lovely Arlington, VA to visit my in-laws. They live just across the river from Washington D.C. I’ve never see an area so saturated with traffic jams. And I live near New York City!

I wish I had a device in my car that would vaporize aggressive drivers on the freeway. I would only use it if someone really deserved to be vaporized. Just like my cell phone jammer. When I see a car fast-approaching in my rear view mirror weaving in and out of traffic, I get some very un-Zen like thoughts running through my brain.

* * *

Saturday we took the kiddies to the Capitol building while waiting for the storm clouds to part. It’s the seat of government, you know!

We sat through a 13 minute film about the Meaning of the American Government. There was a stark contrast between the idealism portrayed in the film and the cesspool that Washington D.C. actually is. Frankly, I think the kids were bored out of their minds.

The architecture of the Capitol dome was quite nice.




And the sun finally broke through.



5 thoughts on “obama’s new neighborhood

  1. love the pics of your daughter!i lived in arlington for a year — it’s kill or be killed on the roads there. i considered active countermeasures – high power microwave or laser weapons on the hood of my car.

  2. Before the advent of cell phones I used to wish every car had a phone in it and the license plate was the phone number so I could call up a bad driver and cuss them out.Great pics at the capital. 🙂

  3. Daisy: Can you and your geek friends please invent a high power microwave or laser weapon for the hood of my car?Jimmy: I honestly think if you visit the U.S. you won’t be disappointed.DF: A more proactive measure would be to just run them off the road.

  4. Looked like fun! I was somewhere in the area the last week of March. Actually I lie, I was in Georgia which is not really that close. But you know, I had to write something for a comment.

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