random NYC pic—Chrysler R.I.P.

This post is in honor of Chrysler Corporation filing for bankruptcy.

Photos of Chrysler Building always feature the beautiful steel tipped apex with the surrounding gargoyles. But the view from street level is pretty special too.

This is a shot looking up from Lexington Avenue. I like the streetlamp on the right. I think it adds to the photo composition. Each morning on my way to work, I walk through the marble main hall of Grand Central Station and then pass this monument. I consider it a privilege. When it no longer gives me a cheap thrill, I’ll leave this dirty old town for good.

Here’s the Lexington Avenue entrance just north of 42nd Street. It’s an awesome site in the early morning light. Click on this pic and have a closer look. The entrance is full of pointy arc deco flourishes.

Here’s a pullback shot of the entrance from across Lexington. The archway looks almost coffin-shaped (to me).

* * *

I would like to direct your attention to the comments section of two posts ago. I wrote a rant about the conspicuously wealthy Tovar family and how jealous I am of their freedom of movement. Well, “Mrs. Tovar,” that old bitch, wrote me a very terse comment. I have to admit, I had it coming.

12 thoughts on “random NYC pic—Chrysler R.I.P.

  1. Daisy: Actually, I would LOVE to see Mrs. Tovar’s digs. It would give me a new benchmark for my own poverty.Jo: Everybody should visit NYC at least once. It’s not for everyone, but it’s something to see. Monn: My comment or hers? She’s a bitch.Ellie: I’m pretty sure “she” is a “he.” I have my suspicions.

  2. i’m surprised you weren’t confused for a tourist taking that first (very cool) picture and had your wallet lifted. i’ve still got NYC on my “to visit” list. these pictures just make it higher on that list.

  3. Your “cheap thrill” at seeing the Chrysler Building every day is the same thing I feel about the green hills around here. Just seeing the beautiful scenery around here makes the day a little better.

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