cell phone douche bag

Look at this douche bag on my train:


He is simultaneously working an iPhone in his left hand, a Blackberry in his right hand and watching a movie on a portable DVD player. I’d be afraid to have all those radio frequencies and electronic gadgets so near my crotch. I’ll bet his testicles are the size of raisins. He’s Sensory-Overload Man.

I thought technology was suppose to set us free.

12 thoughts on “cell phone douche bag

  1. Jason: Isn’t this how the Terminator series began?Jo: Do you suppose you’d see something like that in the UK? I find this behavior to be purely American.Daisy: And navigating a rotary…Sid: He must be VERY, VERY, VERY importsntEllie: I did 😉

  2. You’re definitely getting more brazen with these cell phone jam stories. Sooner or later, someone is going to recognize one of the pics and tell the DB (victim?) that hey, I saw you on this goofy website about this guy you hates cell phone abusers…yeah, it’s not gonna end well, but agreed, this guy would be better served if he just looked out the window.

  3. what I want to know is how you sneaked this pic of him without him noticing.(sees the iphone, blackberry, and dvd player)oh, right…well, there ya go then.

  4. man, he really is a prisoner. How can anyone handle that much information. Oh wait, they can´t. This man is the epitome of why media messages get simpler and simpler and simpler. So we can digest informercial bullshit while we are juggling 51 devices.

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