some things DO change

While watching the morning chat program here in Cleveland, I saw a story on my old high school. It was the featured “cool school” of the week. The track team won a record number of meets. The robotics team is in the finals of a competition. The glee club visits retirement homes to spread their joy.

When I attended, they had a smoking lounge. In order to get a passing grade, all you had to do was show up the majority of the time. Most of the students (myself included) walked around in a weed-induced haze. I have no idea who my guidance counselor was. In fact, now that I think about it, I’m not completely certain that I had one. So things are looking up at old Midpark High from an academic standpoint.

* * *

I had to delete my Mom’s name from my phone contacts. How sad is that?

10 thoughts on “some things DO change

  1. A smoking lounge … in the high school? Attend the majorty of classes to get a passing grade? Are you for real? Would never happen here. There’d be an uproar.

  2. our smoking lounge was a fenced in area in the parking lot. complete with smudge pot for heat in the winter. we called it “The Grit Corral”. yes. i visited regularly…

  3. The more interesting thing is that people of our generation turned out better than our own kids in terms of being able to be independent. Of course, some of us are raising the current crop, so maybe not.

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