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This, believe it or not, is a section of the Berlin wall planted right in the heart of midtown Manhattan:


It was shipped over and mounted in a courtyard on 55th Street just off of Madison Avenue (I believe. Check me on that). You can eat your lunch and people watch just below a symbol of Eastern European oppression.

I remember when the Berlin wall fell. There were opportunists down on Wall Street selling pieces of rock that were suppose to be from the wall as paperweights. A lot of people bought them, despite the fact that their authenticity could not be verified.

* * *

I had a brutal workout this morning at the gym and was running late. I came out of the shower and took the corner a little too tight and a little too fast and smacked right into a guy walking in. He had a HUGE cock! And it was flaccid! I’m still pretty upset about the whole thing.

12 thoughts on “random nyc pic

  1. I was one of the eejits who may well have bought a ‘dodgy’ Berlin Wall paperweight. I guess the made in China label was a bit of an oul clue.As for the gym business… I’m trying hard to forget the image that it conjured up for just that split second.

  2. but what’s more upsetting? slamming into a naked guy? slamming into a naked guy with a huge flacid cock? or seeing a man with a huge flacid cock naked?(women just don’t understand these things sometimes….)**word verification: “comin”**

  3. Jimmy: See below. The womenfolk don’t understand our queasiness.Daisy: All of the things you mentioned are equally upsetting. To me.HIF: If it hadn’t been flaccid, I would have likely been MORE upset. That doesn’t mean I have homophobia or am insecure about my own package. I just don’t want to run into another guy’s stuff while in the locker room.

  4. I went to Berlin the Thanksgiving around the time the wall was coming down. I took a piece of it, but threw it out after I thought it might have asbestos in it. It was cold and snowed that weekend. It was beautiful.

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