the best pizza in nyc: i am schooled by the experts

I received a sudden up-tick in hits overnight. Upon further investigation, I found that Slice, a blog about pizza, linked to my post about the best slice in town. These guys are serious about pizza. Fanatically so. They titled the link, “You Are Incorrect, Sir.” It’s all so subjective! Who’s to say which is best? I’m sure their best slice is something elegant that’s pretty to look at. Well, I find The Famous Ray’s (11th Street version) to be delightful and will stand by it. Satisfaction guaranteed or see me for a refund.

5 thoughts on “the best pizza in nyc: i am schooled by the experts

  1. i was always partial to pizza hut myself. because it’s packed with loads of cheese. i am of course being’s amazing how seriously someone will take a post title sometimes… p.s. happy b-day!!!

  2. Interesting. Put stuff out there on the inter tubes and you never know what bounces back.On my post about the colour photos from Nazi era Germany, I received a comment from neo-Nazi anti-American conspiracy theorist.

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