attention: ladies and gay men

This fall you can see this guy…


and this guy…


together on a Broadway stage in Keith Huff’s A Steady Rain. They both have stage credentials (Craig has acted for The Royal National Theater and Jackman won a Tony), so aside from the eye candy factor, it might be a pretty decent show.

I wish I looked like either one of them. I probably would have had a more interesting and varied sexual past.

9 thoughts on “attention: ladies and gay men

  1. Cat: Broadway = gay? Yes, that is often the case.Jimmy: No worries. I’ve never been tempted. I’d tell you if I was. It’s not something I’d be ashamed of. And you’re right; my world changed dramatically over the past few months.Daisy: I know what you mean, you little thespian minx.MST: Welcome! I’m sad that way for pretty girls as well. We’re only human!

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