random nyc photo: amazingly graceful

Early in the morning in Bryant Park behind the 42nd Street library, you can occasionally catch this chap playing his bagpipes.


He usually warms-up with a mournful rendition of Amazing Grace and then plays one or two other tunes. I think he works in a nearby office and likes to get in a few bars of practice before the grind begins.

If I see him when I approach the park, I quickly grab a cup of coffee and a chocolate cigar from a coffee cart guy and get a nearby table. It’s like dinner and a show except it’s breakfast.

New York City is chocked full of small, undiscovered pleasures.

They say there’s always magic in the air.

8 thoughts on “random nyc photo: amazingly graceful

  1. what’s a chocolate cigar? tobacco flavored with chocolate, or a gigantic chocolate donut, drizzled in sticky-sweet frosting and oozing creamy goop from the middle? (hungry? moi?)beautiful snippet…

  2. Seems like that would get old (for the player) after one or two times, like rolling a piano out there or something. He has to pack those every day in his briefcase or something? I’d change to playing the piccolo or harmonica or something right quick. I know. I’m missing the point.

  3. We used to have a busker on the main street of Oxford’s city center who played the bagpipes. He was awful. Businesses started to complain that he was distracting workers. So the city was going to kick him out. But then people got upset and began a campaign to keep the crap bagpiper.

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