hello, stranger. i believe we’ve met.

Mrs. Wife won a night in Brooklyn at a charity auction. Nope, that’s not a typo. We dumped the kiddies at the in-laws and stayed at the Brooklyn Marriott, which is a beautiful hotel in downtown Brooklyn. In addition to the hotel, we dined at The River Café. I sat across the table from Mrs. Wife and soaked in our solitude. We are usually flanked by a 3-year old and 7-year old who feel it necessary to fill in every quiet moment with dialogue.

The River Café is one of the most elegant restaurants in town (although it’s a bit of a tourist trap). I had to wear a jacket, which isn’t terribly comfortable in July. Fortunately, I clean-up quite nicely, if I do say so myself. It’s located at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge on the East River and overlooks the southern tip of Manhattan. There’s a panoramic view of the bridge (an architectural masterpiece) and off to the left is the Lady in the Harbor. I had a duck breast that melted in my mouth. Dinner for two with drinks and tip: $275.

I looked across the river at the big hole in the sky where the World Trade Center used to be. It dominated the skyline. A lot of architect snobs didn’t like the twin towers, but I did. They were the first thing I spotted when flying or driving home. They were my beacon. Now, the skyline looks a bit more pedestrian. I miss them.

We took an after dinner sunset walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge has a beautiful promenade. Anyone who visits should make the effort to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It’s something to see, that’s for sure.

As regular readers know, I love The Daughters. But it was nice to walk without them, hand in hand with my bride, in the city we use to own.

All the folks in Manhattan are sad
’cause they look at her and wish they had
The good old Brooklyn Bridge


For brunch I had baked eggs at Bocca Lupo, a swell little cafe in Cobble Hill. I didn’t know you could bake eggs but here they are. Were.


11 thoughts on “hello, stranger. i believe we’ve met.

  1. I remember the first time we came to see you in NYC, you made us get up early so we could walk the bridge from one end to the other for some awesome sunrise photos. You are right no matter how short the visit is one must make time to do this.As for the get-a-way, I love my girls and even at the age of 22 and 18 I like to leave them at home occasionally that my brother will never change!MT

  2. Daisy: We use to live like this all the time!HIF: They set the casserole dish in front of me and I was scared but do you know what? They were delicious!Cat: I recommend it for all.MT: C’mon back and we’ll do it again. That bridge isn’t going anywhere. Ellie: Don’t take it for granted. And, yes, Robin is still with Howard.

  3. Wow – that’s way more expensive than Wendy’s.Nothing works to reconnect a couple like a get away does, even if it’s just for a night. Getting a couple of great meals in you and enjoying some peaceful conversation with nothing to worry about other than your OWN silverware, your OWN glass,and not even checking to see if there’s a kid’s offering on the menu? Priceless.

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