i am judged by my peers

About four months ago I submitted my blog to be critiqued by an outfit called Ask and Ye Shall Receive. They are a group of bloggers who will give you an honest assessment of what’s right and what’s wrong with your blog.

They are brutally honest and, as you know, brutal honesty can sting. They try to warn you ahead of time. The URL is “I will fucking tear you apart dot com.” In the submission guidelines you are warned that in reviewing your blog, there’s a chance that they’re “going to rip you a new hole to shit through.”

However, within those barbs are some very useful suggestions on how to make your blog better. And God knows I need as much help as I can get. Your friends won’t tell you your blog is a train wreck, but they will. And they’ll tell you how to fix it.

I made the mistake of dropping my blog into the review queue before actually reading any of their reviews. I’m impulsive like that. So I’ve been waiting in a state of semi-dread since April. I like my blog and these guys can be pretty viscous but I wanted to hear what they had to say.

Here’s their review.

20 thoughts on “i am judged by my peers

  1. wow. those folks can be brutal… well deserved and very thoughtful review! and i’m with the reviewer – we want to know more. so get writin’, boy…

  2. I actually added you to my feed reader because of their review. They don’t give out a lot of good ones, so I take notice of the complimentary ones!!

  3. As far as I can tell the AYSR crew have nothing but loathing and contempt for most of the blogs they read, so kudos to you for scoring a four star review. I would have been offended and told them so had they not recognized what a sweet read this is.And you are far more brave than I. I will never ask them anything.

  4. Dude, it’s a totally kickass review. Congrats! (and how do you like my emphatic use of “dude,” it’s my highest compliment to you!)

  5. I always knew you were a good writer it is about time you let everyone else know!I think it’s time to dig up that time capsule and see what you wrote way back in a day it may give you another thing to blog about….although don’t get rid of anything you blog about now we will miss it to much.MT

  6. I rate blogs with the “can I be bothered to take a few minutes out of my life to read it” system. There are a blogs that I like, but for some reason rarely bother to read, but I always bother to read yours. I’m thinking of moving to the star system, though, just because it’s so much easier to type. If I do, I’ll concur with 4 stars.

  7. Hi! I’m following you now too because of AYSR! You have an awesome blog and now you’re in a place of honor- MY blogroll list! lol! Keep up the good work.

  8. Daisy: Does this mean the pressure is on? I don’t respond well to pressure.Jillie: We can form a support group. Ex-Buckeyes Anonymous.HIF: You are correct. I am a horrible spellur. NGS: Thanks! I hope not to disappoint. Rob: Yea, those guys aren’t always so kind. I was a bit surprised.Annie: I pretty much regretted it right after I submitted my blog. Thank God it turned out okay.Leah: Thank you, Dudette.Jimmy: Honestly, I can’t touch the stuff you post. You write. I type. [With apologies to Truman Capote].Sid: I was nervous as hell as well. Bombs away!MT: The time capsule is in the basement under lock and key where it will stay.Nutty: Can I be so vain to say I read it twice? Well, I did.Cat: Give me four stars and I’ll send you $1.Mamasoo: A blogroll listing is no small honor. Thanks!Jeff: Make sure you read their guidelines. You’ve been warned.

  9. hopefully you kept all sharps and sleeping pills hidden safely away while you were waiting on the review…but, coolness, it was not a “rip a new one” review. some honest good critique with constructive criticism. you’re a braver man than i to submit. good on ya.

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