Coming this season: Testosterone. And lots of it.

Those tough sons-of-bitches at the Atlantic Theater Company have outdone themselves this time. The 2009-10 season is a (mostly) testosterone-fueled program of plays by men who write about manly men. Mainly.

They kick off with two one-acts by David (you either love him or you hate him) Fucking Mamet; a farce called Keep Your Pantheon (Get it? It’s a play on words.) and another comedy called School. Mamet was a founding member of the Atlantic, which is a damn lucky thing for them.

After that punch in the face, we have Ages of the Moon, the new comedy by cowboy roughneck Sam Shepard. It’s a two-hander about men talking while they drink bourbon. It was a big hit at the Abbey Theater in Dublin where it premiered and will star Irish actors Sean McGinley and Stephen Rea, who originated the roles in Dublin. It’s always a treat to see the original cast.

As though that weren’t a big enough kick in the nuts, Irish ball buster Martin McDonagh follows with A Behanding in Spokane. This will open on Broadway (as opposed to the intimate Atlantic Theater on W. 20th St.) in the spring. It’s McDonagh’s first play set on U.S. soil. I saw The Pillowman on Broadway. He managed to write about violence against children in a darkly funny way. His stuff is like that.

The season closes with Gabriel by British playwright Moira Buffini. I’m not sure who she is.

9 thoughts on “Coming this season: Testosterone. And lots of it.

  1. well, ok, but we have ron white for a show at our civil center, sugar! can y’all beat that? huh? yeah, just what i thought…*weeping because i am so jealous*

  2. Nurse: Does it sound like I’m bragging? I don’t mean to. I’m from Ohio. We don’t brag.S: Who the hell is Ron White?KIDDING! I know who he is. I’m just be a wise-ass Yankee.E: Why thank you! It’s almost there. Just a few more adjustments.Jo: Best news I’ve read all day. Let the backlash begin!

  3. Love the new blog look. I don’t really get what you mean when you say broadway season. Like plays only show for 6 months of the year and then NOTHING?

  4. Nurse: Yea, I heard all about that film and I’m not going anywhere near it. I’ll have nightmares until October! Tell me; how is it that you’re reading the New York Press? Do you read it regularly?Daisy: The whole “theater is for sissys” thing really needs to be put to rest.Sid: The “season” is considered September thru April. It’s when plays are eligible for Tony Awards. But the is never a period when plays aren’t being mounted. It’s constant fun.

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