Dear dopes at CNN:

Please be more mindful of how you arrange your Latest News links.


This is downright uncaring. It’s like when the New York Times runs a story about a family being blown to bits in Baghdad right next to an ad for some bauble at Tiffany’s. It happens ALL the time. It’s crass.

* * *

Today is the 5-year anniversary of Google’s IPO. When Google went public, I instructed my financial advisor to steer clear because, as we all knew at the time, internet stocks are fun to read about but nothing that a serious investor would include in his portfolio.

The strike price was $85/share. It soared past $600/share in 2007 but has since settled in at a still quite profitable $445/share.

It’s a FACT: When it comes to high finance, I don’t know my ass from my elbow.

8 thoughts on “Dear dopes at CNN:

  1. the ex-hub and i had a modest stock fund. called it our ‘vegas’ money, and we picked tech stocks that we understood. my half of the portfolio – did pretty well. my star pick rode from $1.50 to $8.00 when we sold (later went to $21). His picks included? WorldCom. He’d tell me — “but these numbers? They’re waaaaay undervalued…”. Yep. if they only hadn’t pulled the numbers from the anus of a donkey…we broke even and quit playing with it…

  2. Daisy: The thing is, I’ve discovered that the so-called “professionals” are playing the same guessing game as everyone else. They know little more than we do! That’s the truth!Sid: Oh, I imagine it ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME.

  3. if i had a time machine i woulda invested all my cash in google, apple and starbucks.nobody can blame for being overly cautious when it comes to the stability of any web based business. in the 1990’s, as a graphic artist, i was screwed over plenty of times by several web based magazines company’s who i provided artwork for but never got paid in full or paid at all, becuase they tanked so quickly.

  4. CNN blows. That is all. Actually, that is not all. I can’t think of a consistently good old media source. BBC comes close. NYT comes close. That’s about all. Drives me nuts.

  5. Jason: If I had a time machine I’d go back and have a hell of a lot more sex than I did. Jo: The fact that you don’t know what APR is means you’re pretty damn smart in my book. That implies you have no credit card debt.TE: Yea, but the original Coke had coke in it. I’d probably invest in that.AFM: I read the NY Times every day but their reporting is SO slanted that you have to run everything through a filter. Still…it’s the best of a bad lot. And the BBC. I’ve bookmarked them as well.

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