Sleeping Beauty

Beautiful dreamer,
wake unto me;
Starlight and dewdrops
are waiting for thee.

Shhhh! Stop making all that racket dragging your eyes across the screen! You’ll awake him from his beauty slumber.


Most people don’t accessorize when they sleep during their commute but this guy is a dedicated, professional napper. He’s fragile and needs a sleeping mask and ear plugs. To me, it’s a bit over-the-top.

I’ll bet he has a leopard print sleeping mask at home and wears a frilly little pink something to bed. Tee-hee. It’s a shame that Hammacher-Schlemmer doesn’t manufacture a portable sensory deprivation chamber for him.

Good night, sweet prince. When you awake, you’ll be in the magical kingdom of Manhattan.

* * *

Over the weekend we rented I Love You, Man with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. It’s about a guy who has a lot of acquaintances, but no close male friends. Hijinks ensue when he sets out on a series of “man dates” to try and make some friends. It’s suppose to be a comedy but I found the whole thing a bit unsettling. It hit too close to home and felt more like a documentary than a comedy.

10 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. That was some pretty funny stuff about the nappy nap man. Really over-the-top would be if he had one of those teddy bears with him – the ones that play the sounds of the womb. I’ve been tempted by I Love You Man at the dvd rental (I almost wrote video rental – egads) place. Paul Rudd is one of my boyfriends in the very special land I pretend I live in sometimes.

  2. HIF: I couldn’t resist. And with a 3.2 mpx camera in my cell phone, it makes it all too easy.Cat: Rudd is the same guy in every movie. Jack Nicholson is like that, too. Saw Rudd in a play with Edie Falco before either of them were known.TE: Yea, stay away. It’ll give you too much to think about. Sid: There’s a lot of truth to that. After marriage, our friendships tend to fall to the wayside. We (men) hate it but it seems part of the natural progression. Sally That’s so funny! I have a pretend girlfriend. Mary Louise Parker. Do you know who she is? I sat in the third row of a play she was in and almost walked up on stage to ask her out.

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