Some get a kick from censorship

I have a great recording of Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter’s I Get a Kick Out of You. In one stanza, she sings:

Some, they may go for cocaine
I’m sure that if, I took even one sniff

It would bore me terrifically too

But I get a kick out of you

I also have two recordings of Sinatra singing the same song and in one version the lyric was sanitized to:

Some like the perfume from Spain
I’m sure that if I took even one sniff

It would bore me terrifically too

But I get a kick out of you

In the second recording, it was changed to:

Some like the bop-type refrain
I’m sure that if, I heard even one riff

It would bore me terrifically too

But I get a kick out of you

The perfume from Spain?! Give me a break! That doesn’t even make any sense. Since when is Spain known for its perfume? Unemployment, maybe. But not perfume. Porter would NEVER have written such a pedestrian line. It takes all the punch and dark glamor out of the song. I almost wish I hadn’t noticed.

* * *

This morning’s ear worm while brushing my teeth at 5:25 a.m.: The theme from The Wild Wild West. My God. What is WRONG with me?

7 thoughts on “Some get a kick from censorship

  1. Daisy: I was secretly hoping to inflict that on someone else. Share the misery has been my credo for a long time.Sid: Be-bop is a type of jazz that was popular in the 50s when Sinatra recorded this. Hence, a “bop-type refrain” would be the refrain section of a be-bop song. At least, that’s my interpretation.

  2. sanitized sinatra lyrics? damn, sugar, i wish i hadn’t read this! *sigh* but then again, there’s nothing new about censorship. re the wild, wild west theme – i thought y’all were talking about will smith’s theme for the movie! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? ;~D (and yes, i am old enough to remember the original tv show…*yet another deep sigh*) xoxox

  3. I’ve never really thought about it, but you’re right. I guess even the blue-eyed rascal had to tone things down for radio play. Crazy! The Ella version is the best anyway.

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