After Sienna Miller

julie1I saw the luscious (and, for bonus points, British) Sienna Miller in After Miss Julie—an adaptation of Strindburg’s Miss Julie. There were six of us and because it’s still in previews and hasn’t been reviewed yet, we were forced to form our own opinions. Usually, when a gaggle of New Yorkers get together to see a play, they like to do so after the reviews are already in so they know what to think beforehand. We are that shallow.

It was a split decision. Three of us liked it, and the other three didn’t necessarily dislike it, but they didn’t know what to make of it. Well, I thought it was fantastic and the fact that she slinked out in a form-fitting dress and played a wealthy, albeit troubled, seductress didn’t hurt the cause. Just look at that ad! That says it all. I was kind of hoping she would walk down off the stage, into the audience, sit in my lap and nuzzle my neck but, needless to say, sadly, that didn’t happen. It’s a three-hander and all three actors were suburb.

It doesn’t open until October 22nd. To my actor/lurkers: Can you imagine five weeks of previews!? It’s ridiculous.

[Special note to Nursemyra: I read your mention regarding Cate Blanchette in Tennessee’s Streetcar. That production is on its way here to New York (Brooklyn, actually) after Oz. Is it worth time and money? Also, you were right about the Robert Frank exhibit at the Met! It just opened! How is it you live on the other side of the planet, yet heard about this exhibit long before I did? I need to pay closer attention.]

4 thoughts on “After Sienna Miller

  1. I tend to get my theater experience at the movies with big budget explosions and no plots. I know, that sounds terrible but I like mindless visual entertainment. Anyway, Sienna Miller was in GI Joe, which was awful, and she was really good in it.

  2. Yes UB, Streetcar is worth the money. The actress who plays Stella is probably a little inexperienced, but everyone else is so good in it.And I know what’s on in NYC because my heart still belongs there – the happiest days of my life were spent on Greene Street with Stephen

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