My Satanic child

3-Year Old Daughter got her hands on a pair of scissors and decided that now would be as good a time as any to start on the road that will lead her to a spot on Project Runway.

The first step in dress design is, of course, cutting cloth. And since they look like bolts of unspooled fabric, why not start on our priceless dining room curtains? Just look at those lines! They’re perfect. Here’s the left curtain:


And for the sake of uniformity, she also tailored the right.


Mrs. Wife put her on the phone:

Me: Did you cut our curtains?

3-YOD: Yes, Daddy! Wait ’til you see it!

I wasn’t quite sure how to take that.

19 thoughts on “My Satanic child

  1. Well, it could have been her hair … or her eyelashes. I baby sat for a trio across the street when I was a teen and caught the middle child (five) in the garage with grass clippers shearing the eyelashes off his 3 year old sister. This was after he’d weed whacked her bangs.As adults we forget the point of view. To your daughter, the incident was a source of pride as she demonstrated her mastery of scissors, but we stodgy old people only see vandalism and miss the point completely.I am with Daisyfae. Hide the sharpies. When my nephew was that age he went to town on the walls in the hallway. You don’t want to know how much primer is needed to cover over permanent marker.

  2. actually, i think it’s quite lovely. don’t inhibit her nascent designer skills. let her loose with the scissors throughout the house (yeah, my kids are out and gone…so i can torture those with their kids still at home)

  3. All I can hear is mom saying…..”Wait until you have kids of your own some day” I am sure this is not the first or the last thing that she will do. For some reason I find this really amusing. Maybe because I have been there….I Love those girls!MT

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