Random NYC photos: while you were still asleep

Early morning in New York. This is 42nd Street looking east from Broadway at 6:30, a short time after the sun came up. While the rest of you were dreaming of sugar plums, I was on my way into the grind. Look at the way the colors of the sky are reflected in the Bank of America building on the left.


This is about a half block further east. Note the ornamental neon lights in the spire of the Chrysler Building are still on. Click on it for a better look.


As a homage to The Daily Smoke, I’m including this black and white pic of Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building.


13 thoughts on “Random NYC photos: while you were still asleep

  1. I did a similar post last week that I titled, “On Reflection” only my world is much smaller than yours. A village in Cornwall was a fine exchange for Atlanta, but sometimes I miss the night lights of the city.I always love waking up early when I’m in NYC. I think the best time is about 5:00 am when delivery trucks are rolling and the muffled night noises turn into the clanking squealing sounds of morning. In the last few hours before daylight, it feels as if the city itself is just beginning to edge over to the side of the bed and rub the sleep from its eyes.I’ve watched it happen more than a time or two from hotel windows with a cup of coffee and a huge appreciation for the community of people who make it all happen everyday.Thanks for the wake up call.

  2. Love the photos. I am imagining what it must feel like to walk thru midtown today with the cold wind and cloudy skies. I’d love to be there.And giftsofthejourney, I love the way you phrase the feeling of gratitude – “a huge appreciation for the community people who make it all happen everyday.”Me too.

  3. You and Ellie both take such evocative shots of your respective cities…but look at all the material you have to work with! I hope to get some interesting pix of Tokyo and Kyoto next month, but my photography skills are nascent at best.

  4. Oiche mhaith agat no chara, ta na pictuiri sin go h’aillin ar fad!(Good night to you my friend, these pictures are indeed very beautiful!)Lesson 2 tomorrow! :¬)

  5. Lovely photos as usual. I’m starting a collection of all the ones sent me.Is it sad that I probably wasn’t even asleep YET when you took these pics on your side of the country?

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