This is post #500. But who’s counting? And my stats? I never, every pay attention to those, either. Do you pay attention to your stats? I mean, only a complete megalomaniac would obsess over his page hits and spend time weighing the number of comments he gets vs. the number of comments other bloggers are getting. It doesn’t mean that much to me. No, sir.

But just for the record, this is post #500.

18 thoughts on “500

  1. congratulations, sugar! i’m a latecomer here, but it’s all been good reads, good reads. back to your questions, yes, i check the stats but, seriously, i don’t look at the numbers anymore, it’s where people are from that i like knowing. i’ll admit this to you though, i got really excited that i’d written 1000 posts and then i realized that while i might have written that many, i certainly hadn’t published that many! xoxoxo

  2. 500, eh? That’s a pretty good pace you’ve been setting yourself. I think you and I have been blogging for a comparable length of time and I’ve managed only about half as many posts in about the same time frame.Stats? I look at them but I don’t obsess about them. It’s always interesting to see what causes a big spike though. I think you found that out when you did your post about porn or something, didn’t you?I wrote about Mike Prysner, an Iraq veteran against the war, and that has sent a goodly number of rubberneckers to my humble little blog.So, keep at it UB, as long as it’s serving you. Once you start serving it, then it’s time to rethink its usefulness.

  3. Yer a dork, Mr. UB. But i like it…keep writing. keep reading other folks, and commenting when you find resonance… guessing that if you look at monthly stats, they will trend upward…

  4. Well, for the record, I’ve really been enjoying your posts for the last several months. I’m a bit shy about commenting, but reading about your life in the CITY is very intriguing, because it’s something so foreign to me.Congratulations on 500 posts. That’s a lot of writing.

  5. Leah: I’m glad that you copped to your obsession. I thought I was the only one.Jo: That’s a healthy attitude. It’s very Buddhist of you.map: Go raibh maith agat! (Hope that’s correct.)Savannah: I hope to develop your attitude one day. It’s not a numbers game; the geography is far more interesting.NGS: Mine had a bit of a spike a few months ago but over the almost two years I’ve been doing this, they have been pretty much flat. You can’t control it!Rob: Thanks for the excellent advice. You may have fewer posts, but your content is more substantial.Daisy: Thanks. You are the grand champion of commentors. I see your quips everywhere. Don’t know how you find the time.Madcap: Welcome! And thanks. It was so effortless that I wish I did it for a living. Everything else is just toil and trouble.Sid: Do you know what? It would crush me, too. That’s why I don’t use one of those follower widgits. I don’t want to know if someone bails out.

  6. I used to be obsessed with stats to the point I had figured out the IP addresses of all of my regular readers. That was back when I had the fantasy I would be the next Dooce. When I landed back in reality, I quit looking at them daily. Now I’m down to once a month or less. Here’s the funny thing, I have more readers now than I ever did back then.Congrats on 500!

  7. Congrats! I sm 500 posts wiser, 500 posts humored & 500 posts of knowing you better every day. I read daily and might not always comment but find you most interesting. It’s like getting getting the morning paper but free & much more interesting. MT

  8. 500 – impressive! That all by itself says so much about where you are at this point in your life. Your voice channeled in this way. But you’re not even curious about whether anyone clicks in to read? I am. But it doesn’t really alter what I will write next.

  9. Cat: I hate to admit it but I’m kind of like that right now. Well…I’ve never examined the IP addresses but I *do* check at least once or twice a day. Pathetic.MT: Who would have thought that you could learn more about me than you already know. It doesn’t seem possible.Point: I TOTALLY check my stats! I was trying to sound cool and detached. I’m actually quite needy.HIF: I almost wish they hadn’t invented the stat part of blogging.

  10. Gratz, UB, on 500… i am impressed with the passion with which you write, especially about ‘your’ city. and, yeah, i check the stats. don’t obsess (much), but do check ’em.

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