Recipe for a bad-ass snow storm

8-Year Old Daughter got the following recipe from a friend in her class. It’s what you need to do in order to turn modest snowstorm into a school-closing blizzard. These tasks must be performed just before bedtime.

  • Flush three scoops of ice cream down the toilet (preferably vanilla)
  • Hide a spoon under your pillow
  • Place a penny on your window sill
  • Wear your pajamas inside out
  • Throw an ice cube out your window

Well, it worked. We got our blizzard. This, despite the fact that Mrs. Wife wouldn’t allow her to flush any ice cream down the commode. Additionally, she refused to wear her pj’s inside out because it would hide the print and her ice cube landed in the rain gutter. Unfortunately, the storm arrived over the weekend so there was no school closing to enjoy. Perhaps the missing ingredients mucked with the timing.

16 thoughts on “Recipe for a bad-ass snow storm

  1. Jo: I’ve been reading your dusty tales. They DO make me yearn for shorts and a tee-shirt weather.Sid: Another braggart who is in the middle of a hot summer. You and Jo should gang up on someone else. Stop picking on me.MT: The snow was too powdery for a snowman but there were plenty of angels. Savannah: Actually, I tried living in a warm-weather climate once. Phoenix for 18 months. It’s not for me. I need the change of seasons and their extremes.

  2. Hmmm – my daughter does the pj’s inside out, and the spoon under the pillow, but she insists on the ice cube going in the toilet right before bed. Never heard of the ice cream thing. Or the penny on the windowsill. We have an erroneous recipe! Guess that’s why it never works for us. That, or the fact that we live in GA.What a beautiful scene you have up there!

  3. those are the sweetest photos ever. Sorry that the recipe didn’t quite have the desired effect. But you get to play in the snow. And shovel the snow. And wait for it to melt.

  4. Lori: I’m no scientist but I think it might be because you are well below the Mason-Dixon line.Jimmy: These small islands of calm are essential to my sanity.Map: You should consider yourself fortunate. Before the play, there’s lots and lots and lots of shoveling.Point: Are you jealous!? I’m thinking not.

  5. just stopping by to say ‘hey’. its been so long, I hardly know which buttons to push or where to click. if someone hasn’t mentioned it already, your daughter is a cutie-pie.

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