An open letter to God

Dear God. Or Jehovah. Or Jesus. Or Jupiter. Or Allah. Or Buddha. Or Zeus. Or Gwydion. Or Yahweh. Or Beelzebub (yeah, I’ll go there). Or G_d. Or Thor.

Anyone. Whoever is out there listening.


NO MORE motherfucking SNOW! Enough already! I’m a beaten man, okay? Every weekend there’s a fresh 8-12 inches of new snow dumped on our asses. You’ve beaten me. You’ve beaten us all. You’ve beaten the entire northeast corridor from Boston down to D.C. You set a record for snowfall. The most ever. Good for you. Well done. But that’s enough. Okay?


More relaxing than it looks.


Drifts taller than a 3-year old.




15 thoughts on “An open letter to God

  1. At least you can make snowmen and have snowball fights with that stuff!Ours is so dry it doesn’t stick together at all. :-(And it’s cold… really cold… for a long, looooong time.BUT! You get used to it! So suck it up, honey… what with global warming and climate extremes, this may become the norm for you now.Isn’t THAT a pleasant thought?

  2. Map: It IS fun, but I prefer this type of fun in much smaller doses. [Re: your post time. Don’t you ever sleep?]Ponita: “Suck is up” is not only the best advice I’ll get all day, it’s words of wisdom to live your life by.Ellie: Can you believe it!? Poor Haiti got pushed right off the front pages. Between the blizzards and earthquakes, I’d say we were being punished for something. But I can’t connect the crime.

  3. Daisy: That is a load of bullshit. And photos of your toes dangling in the warm blue water haven’t helped matters.Savannah: I often think that you guys must be suffering worse than we are. At least we’ve been through this before. Did you have to revamp your wardrobe?Jo: Taking your posts into consideration, I would think that you’re about as far away from snow as one could possibly get. We all live in our own little tide pools.

  4. Ha! None of you guys know cold!!! When it gets to -62C with the wind (and yes, that does happen here in Winnipeg… not all that often, but it does) then you know cold.But we often have temps colder than -30C during the winter. You get used to it, dress for it, and we have good insulation in our houses and block heaters in our cars.All that, however, means we really appreciate the warmer weather when it arrives.Of course, then we have to deal with mosquitoes, but I’ll wait for summer to complain about them.Appreciate what you have and the make the most of it. Live life to its fullest, no matter what god (or mother nature or whoever) throws at you!

  5. Ponita: Winnipeg?! It sounds more like they colonized Pluto. 10,000 congrats on your hockey gold. Back where it belongs.Sid: At this point, “seriously hot” has lost it’s meaning to me. What is that? They’re not longer words. Just sounds.

  6. Divine retribution, that’s what it is.’Round these parts, we seem to be having an early spring. Haven’t had any snow in weeks and what we have is melting at a furious pace.Can’t believe I spent money on a snow blower this year. Only used the damned thing twice.

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