Central Park snowstorm photo blast

It has since turned into a blackened, half-melted mess, but last weekend a fresh blanket of snow fell on Central Park. Here are a few indulgent photos.


The stone bridge near the 59th St. + 5th Ave. entrance.
This snowman is from the Tim Burton school of design. The eyes are pitch black and set deep into the snowman’s head.
Miró. In the snow. [Ha. See what I did there?]
More snowmen. Clearly, these were made by adults.
A wedding. I like her shoes.
The elegant Plaza Hotel.
I like the contrast between the bottom half of this photo, with its natural beauty, and the top half, which couldn’t be more urban.
Yes, the snowgirl has nipples.
The quality of his playing didn’t seem to be compromised by his cold hands. He told me he picked up a violin just seven years ago and taught himself how to play. He was pretty good!

21 thoughts on “Central Park snowstorm photo blast

  1. I know you are tired of the snow, but your pictures are beautiful and make me feel as if I’ve had a quick visit. In particular, I enjoyed the Tim Burton snowman and the story about the man teaching himself to play the violin. I have a cello that I bought after years of day dreaming of what it might be like to be able to play such an instrument. I’m not very good … yet.

  2. GOTJ: There IS a beautiful side to winter, but enough is enough. The park was filled to the brim with snowmen that adults made. We revert to our childhood when the snow falls in such copious amounts.Nurse: I thought they were crazy. Who schedules a wedding for February?!PG: Please keep in mind that this place isn’t for everyone. Don’t blame me if it all goes wrong!Savannah: I know it’s been cold for you guys, but you need some snow. Cold without snow is like kissing your aunt.Map: Glad you enjoyed them. No charge! These comments are giving me a swelled head.

  3. These really are lovely. You’ve captured the ineffable peace of the snow–a NYC oxymoron.And “cold without snow is like kissing your aunt”? lolol

  4. Rob: You ought to see the “Winter Wonderland” today. Yuck.Point: Would you consider a visit? Do you go skiing? It’s very nice in small doses.Leah: Yes, but, as you are well aware, the beauty is fleeting. It’s breathtaking, but it’s a short window of opportunity. [Speaking of, did you see that full moon over Manhattan on Monday evening? Yikes!]

  5. As always, I love your photos! The snowy scenes are beautiful and the blanket of snow on familiar landmarks and everyday city life is intriguing. Here in GA we don’t get much snow, however this year we have had a couple of photo-worthy snow events. But, as my daughter declared just this morning, snow gets old really quickly. (isn’t she wise and observant!) :)I would bet that you are even more ready than we are to move on to spring!

  6. You have an excellent eye for composition… love the nature scene topped by urban behemoths.I know you’ve been hammered by snow this winter… more so that pretty much anywhere else on the continent. But it IS gorgeous and it’s not cold enough to stop people from getting out and about.The snow people are fab too, esp. nippled snowgirl! I chortled outloud at that one!!!People plan weddings in Feb. because they can book just about anything. The summer is insane… and I loved her Wellies! Excellent accessory! 🙂

  7. If i decided to print a large version, framed, would you be willing to sign one for me? i am madly in love with one of these, and am thinking it would look spectacular on the empty wall over my sofa…no, not ‘nipple-girl’… the bridge in the park shot took my breath away…

  8. Lori: Your daughter knows a thing or two about snow, despite any real exposure to it. And, yes, it makes spring that much sweeter.Ponita: If the newlyweds had their reception at The Plaza, (a strong likelihood considering where they were), then a February date might have been necessary. It’s booked long in advance.Daisy: Oh, you flatter me. Where’s my pen? Do you want the high rez version? Let me know.Jo: STEP INTO THE LIGHT! ALL ARE WELCOME!

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