In the beginning God created R. Crumb

I paid a visit to the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea to view the original drawings from R. Crumb’s latest book, The Book of Genesis Illustrated. All 50 chapters! It was a Friday and the gallery was gloriously empty. I love Crumb’s work. It’s so dense.


Each drawing, some 200+ pages, was arranged sequentially along the perimeter of the gallery as they appear in the book. You could see where Crumb made corrections to some of the drawings with white out. Did you know that in the world of collectors, the less white out used on an illustration, the more valuable it is?


Crumb played it straightforward with this book and didn’t include any of his usual brilliant sarcastic wit and commentary. It’s a studious interpretation that uses text directly quoted from the bible. In perusing the drawings, I couldn’t help noticing how violent and erotic some of the bible stories are.

I asked the gallery attendant if the drawings were for sale. She told me that they can only sold as one lot. That’s so silly! Who would have room to display all of these?


4 thoughts on “In the beginning God created R. Crumb

  1. I definitely plan on seeing this. And you’re right–he told it straight–also right, the bible is violent and dirty!It is strange that they’re selling them only in a body. They do look neat all stretched out like that though.

  2. Daisy: If I had that kind of scratch I’d pour it into rare books and build my own little library with big locks on the doors.Leah: You’d better hurry. I think it’s only up for a week or so. It’s worth the trip into the city. 19th And 11th Ave.

  3. i’ve of two minds regarding mr. crumb, but right now, it all escapes me…yes, i know, i could have kept that all to myself, but what can is ay, sometimes, it just all spills out on to the proverbial page, sugar! xoxoxox

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