Gitcher Yogi on Broadway

Last week I mentioned that there’s an early morning T’ai Chi class in Bryant Park. It’s free. All you have to do is show up. But if 7:30 is too early in the morning for you, you can always participate in the afternoon yoga sessions. I like to watch.


Not surprisingly, the yoga sessions draw a much larger crowd than the T’ai Chi lessons. I always thought that yoga had to be performed in a quiet, spiritually-galvanized environment. This takes place just steps away from 6th Avenue and 42nd Street. There’s nothing quiet about that! But the area is quite spiritual. To me.


* * *

I stopped in a deli to grab a bite before a meditation class. Note to self: eating a big pastrami on rye with mustard is NOT the optimal meal just prior to meditation. I was suppose to concentrate on my breath but all I could think about was how tight my belt suddenly felt.

The waitress, a smokey, thunder-thighed beauty, looked down at me through sleepy, bedroom eyes, took my order and said, in a breathy voice that was tinged with a thick Russian accent, “Pleees help yoursef to the peekle bar.”

Oh, mama. The pickle bar. I was in the right place, alright.

After my sandwich, she handed me a complimentary lemon scented moist towelette. How thoughtful! I reeked of pastrami and many peekles so I could have used a toothbrush, as well.


I flipped it over and couldn’t help noticing that there were instructions!


Tear open packet, unfold MOIST TOWELETTE and use. Do people really need to be told how to use this product? Are there people who wipe the packet on their faces without removing the moist towelette?! How strange.

13 thoughts on “Gitcher Yogi on Broadway

  1. My disbelief is quite contrary to yours. I cannot believe that they failed to elaborate further. “Use”. What is that supposed to mean? You could wipe that thing anywhere….

  2. Gosh that seems so nice. All these ppl coming together and focusing on one objective only. Not to mention the sunshine.FYI I’ve uploaded a few pics of the 2010 fine art collection. I’ve also decided to check out a few art galleries while on vacation.

  3. You mean they didn’t tell you how to to dispose of it?I mean you might have flushed it and KO’d NY’s sewer system and everything.

  4. i’ve found instructions on a bag of airline peanuts. i think those were a joke, though. had to be…love the yoga in the park. i like that it’s a collection of strangers – assembling for common purpose – then scattering to go on with their day…

  5. SAW: My instinct would have been to unfold the damn thing, but that’s just me.Ruby: And I’m sure some people do!Savannah: It wasn’t the healthy choice but, oh Lord, it was tasty.PG: It DID smell lemony fresh so who knows? I’ll give it a nibble next time and let you know…Sid: Glad to see you dipping your toes in the art pool. Art makes all the horrible stuff bearable.Pat: There were no instructions on exactly how to open it. I had to figure it out for myself.Daisy: I like that the assemblage is 99% women. As I said in the post, I like to watch.

  6. Scarlet: What? What are you thinking?EOM: A perfectly apt description. If you had been there…Kykn: Well, I *do* like watching. Some of them are quite flexy.LG62: Another fine example of our poor, dim society. What do they think we are? Idiots? [Don’t answer that.]

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