Around the town via my cell phone camera

Here are a few random photos take with my crappy cell phone camera. (Hence, the poor quality.) Hopefully, they’ll pass muster on the strength of the content and composition.

Coming out of the Times Square subway station into the blue night light.

In the DeKalb Avenue subway station in downtown Brooklyn. He had a long braid of hair that he looped up into a perfect cylinder.

In the balcony overlooking the main entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of my favorite spots in the city. Below is the big parade of humanity and above are archways within archways. I like the flare of light from the window.

The next two were taken by 4-Year Old Daughter. I’m sure they’re just an accident, as she is to young to know anything about texture and light, but I think they’re great!

These are window blinds.

A lamp!
* * *

Happy birthday to Mrs. Wife! You’re not older, you’re…actually that’s a bunch of baloney. You’re exactly one year older. But you’re still a hell of a lot younger than I am, so you’ll get little sympathy from me on that account!

* * *

Last night we went to a wedding in deepest, darkest New Jersey. We were almost at the Pennsylvania border! A beautiful venue, a beautiful wedding. Guess who I saw there? The guy who was charged with the unpleasant task of laying me off from Morgan Stanley in 2008. What are the odds?! Astonishing! That was real comfortable.

I don’t bear any animosity or ill will towards him. He was just the messenger. But it was still an odd sensation, especially after the third glass of wine. The fact is that the last time I saw this guy, I lost my job and it was the beginning of a long, dark period.

He’s nice enough but he’s one of the dullest people I’ve ever met. It’s like trying to talk to a block of concrete. It doesn’t jibe with his chosen profession as a personnel manager. His wife was up dancing with some girls the entire night while he sat at the table, more often than not, alone. She was astonishingly cute and vibrant. I wonder how that happened?

Actually, people probably look at the astonishing cute and vibrant Mrs. Wife and wonder the same thing.

15 thoughts on “Around the town via my cell phone camera

  1. Meeting up with the guy charged with laying you off …. f’ing brilliant. You could have had fun with that one. I’m sure there is no real comparison between you and him (and your cute wives).

  2. in order of appearance:1. great photos! kudos to the daughter, her eye is very good!2. happy birthday, mrs. wife! xoxox and keep on truckin!3. i hope you danced with your astonishingly cute and vibrant mrs. wife! ;~Dxoxoxoxo

  3. MT: Oh, you’re just saying that because you think you’re in my will.Ellie: I think HE had a much harder time with it than I did! He kind of stammered through the whole episode. But then again…he was always like that.Savannah: Mrs. Wife and I danced, danced and then danced some more. For a Caucasian from the suburbs of Ohio, I’m actually not that bad.

  4. ‘A lamp’ is my favourite! The arches come a close second.Happy birthday to the missus.I don’t know what a personnel ‘manger’ is! :¬)Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend. :¬)

  5. Lovely atmospheric photos. Happy Birthday to your lady wife.It must be a horrible job having to lay people off. Perhaps seeing you reminded him and blighted his evening. Most of us have crosses to bear.As far as I’m concerned you are one of my nice young men.

  6. Map: A “manger” is just like a “manager” except he’s short one “a”. Wise guy.Dinah: The blinds is the best of the lot and it was taken by a 4-year old. Of course.Pat: I’ve been told numerous times that laying someone off is as horrible as being laid off. But I’d still rather be on the giving end of that horror than the receiving end.Nurse: You should have seen his face. Yikes.Daisy: I usually need to be dragged onto the floor but once I’m there, get out of my way!

  7. I believe in little kid photography. My current facebook profile picture was taken by a seven year old from the backseat of my car. I love it.

  8. Outstanding composition…. and Daughter’s ‘Blinds’ are brilliant! Love the texture. :-)Happy Birthday to your lovely Mrs. Wife! Glad to hear that you danced the night away with him… and that you had a much better time than Mr. Personnel Manager did, by all accounts.

  9. Happy Birthday to the Mrs.That wedding scene? Awwwwwwkward, to be sure. Probably more for him than for you though.What happened (in his case)? I bet the gal was looking for a sugar daddy investment banker type to bankroll a stupendous life style. Probably didn’t matter if he was a dud.

  10. Cat: I have a friend who is an artist and she LOVES drawings from children. She correctly points out that only little kids can get away with it. More often than not, if adults try to imitate it, it doesn’t work.Ponita: He doesn’t seem like a real fun guy but who knows. Maybe he’s a different person in private. She must see something in him, right?Rob: He is NOT an earner. In fact, he told me that about six months after he laid me off, HE got laid off! So she’s not there for the money, that’s for sure.

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