For your pleasure

Here’s my column for the November issue of the UndiePress. This time, my book-collecting brush with celebrity. Forget what I’ve written in the past. This is, without a doubt, my BEST. COLUMN. EVER.

I know I’ve insinuated that before but I really mean it this time.

* * *
Favorite headline from today’s business section:

Greece Beats Ireland for Worst Deficit in Europe

You go, Greece! You’re #1! I’m no economist, but perhaps tax-dodging shouldn’t be part of your national culture. I’m just saying.

10 thoughts on “For your pleasure

  1. MT: Thanks for the encouragement but I’m not a tour guide kind of guy. (Although one could argue that that’s all this blog is.)Kono: I can’t decide if it was one of Daisy’s clever witticisms or not. She MUST know he’s gay, right?

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