Daisy does Manhattan

Guess who blew into town for a few hours? Straight from the Trailer Park! Mizz Daisyfae was passing through Manhattan en route to a business trip on Long Island and I thought it would be appropriate to show her a few of the sights. I assumed that after dealing with the horrid LaGuardia airport, she might require a drink or two. What?! It’s medicine to calm the nerves!

I had a pretty grand scheme. I thought she should take in the Edward Hopper exhibit at the Whitney and see at play in the evening. (She is, under her skin, an actor.) But a biblical rainstorm saturated the area so instead of landing at around 1:30 as scheduled, she didn’t get into town until 6:00. Poor thing! She had to settle for the abbreviated tour. Fortunately, by the time she got to town, the clouds parted and the rain stopped.

She showed up none the worse for wear at our appointed meeting spot at Grand Central Station. It was rush hour and the place was as busy as…well…Grand Central Station. I pointed out the restored ceiling mural, took her down 42nd Street so we could gawk at the beautifully illuminated Chrysler Building and headed for Bryant Park.

The ice skating rink is up and running. Thank you, Citibank! At the north end of the rink is a fun little restaurant/pub called Celsius. There’s indoor seating on a second level but on the ground level you can take a table outside right next to the rink. The War of the Worlds-type devices hovering above the tables are heating elements that keep you roasty-toasty warm. You feel like a french fry under the lamp at McDonalds. They’re very effective.

The menu includes several hot drinks that are all infused with the spirit of Christmas, if you know what I mean. Daisy had two cups of Christmas cheer to my one. She’s fast! We watched people fall on their asses and slam into the boards. It’s like drinks and a show. I had a bowl of chili that was way, way better than you could expect from a restaurant that only exists for two months out of the year.

Daisy and I sat and kvetched about all of you. The rink was surprisingly empty when we got there! I think the afternoon storms kept people away. By the time we left, it was pretty full of holiday revelers.

We took a little stroll up 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center. The tree is lit and, again, the crowds were kept to a minimum by the mid-day tempest.

Miss Fay takes in the big Rockefeller Center tree, skating rink and statue of Prometheus.

I took her from 30 Rock, past the neon façade of Radio City Music Hall and down through Times Square. I showed her the ball that drops on New Years Eve and she said, “It’s smaller than I thought it would be!” Boy, if I had a nickle every time I heard that. Ba-dum-bump. I’m here all week.

I accompanied her on a downtown subway to Penn Station, got her ticket for the Long Island Railroad and chucked her on a train. Not bad for three hours.

C’mon! Who’s next!? Step right up.

24 thoughts on “Daisy does Manhattan

  1. best. tourguide. ever. he exhibited just the right amount of giddiness when the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree first came into view. thank you AGAIN for the whirlwind. didn’t feel rushed, felt like i was there longer!

  2. yinz guise better not a been tawkin bout me. tonight i’m gonna sit at the bar with my imaginary friends and talk about you. How come no one ever visits me? I forgot the asylum only lets family visit and only for a few hours.

  3. Daisy: I get all 10-year old when I’m near that tree. It’s a tad pathetic but I can’t help myself. There’s plenty more where that came from.Kono: Oh, brother, did we dish on you! No worries. Stop in and we’ll give Daisy the business. It’s only fair.

  4. Interesting mix of the obvious touristy things and the not-so obvious.When visiting Manhattan, it really helps to have a local point out the good stuff to see.

  5. EG: I’m with you! Anybody who sneers at the Christmas tree (and there are quite a few out her) should have their fingers slammed in a car door.MIT: It’s just a plane ride away.Tex: I can pass on the armadillo but I sure could use the warmth.HIF: I would go there in a New York minute if I could travel. I’m shackled to my kids for the time being.

  6. my ears WERE burning. just so’s you know, half of what was said was likely a lie and the other half overly elaborated. it’s up to you to decide which. could use me some urban fantasia, too.

  7. So cool. Someday I will ask you to take me on a tour of your Manhattan. Wouldn’t it be great to see a known place through someone else’s eyes? Which is what your blog does for me anyway.I LOVE the Christmas tree.

  8. @pat – he said he’d be under the overpass, wearing a red carnation and clown shoes, while smoking a stogie the size of a zepplin. took me a minute to find him…@leah – you should do it. i’ve been to almost every one of those spots before. but the joy that comes through when this fella shares his city? nothing like it@ub – sorry for ‘comment jacking’ you… it’s been a looooooong day, and i don’t feel that i’ve properly acknowledged the gift you gave me…

  9. yep, as expected…half lies, half exaggerations. but, again, you’ll have to discern which is which. i’m guessing you’ll be able to score 80% on that test pretty easy.and i’m in on the next massive blog meet up in NYC. sounds like a blast.

  10. Dude, I had no idea that you did free guided tours of the city. If I’m ever in New York we *have* to meet up. You have to take me to all the pretty art galleries!

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