This one with authentic father issues

My monthly column at the Undie Press is supposed to be about collecting rare books. I have no idea how my issues with my father crept in all of a sudden. It wasn’t by design. But you know how it is when you’re writing. Once the train leaves the station and it works up a good head of steam and the breaks fail, there’s no stopping it.

I do eventually get around to discussing books, but not before I vent my spleen just a bit.

This month I’m featuring an author you’ve probably never read but who deserves your immediate attention.

18 thoughts on “This one with authentic father issues

  1. What a boob of Stakpole to publish Mein Kampf without permission. Remind me not to use them:)Don’t those books look SO inviting? How can a kindle hold a candle to them?

  2. You had a grandfather called Rocco, you are officially my coolest (virtual) friend.I recently met two writers with polish fathers who had served in the war (2nd) and came here as prisoners, they both said their fathers were very difficult. One wrote a fantastic play about his called The Tailor of Inverness, it’s travelling at the moment if it comes your way I recommend it highly. Nice to be able to recommend something to you for a change!

  3. Pat: Books have their hooks in me for good. I’m hopelessly addicted.Sav: My goal in life is to NOT have any father issues. Hope I don’t fuck it up. There’s still time.Eryl: Yes, Rocco from Sicily. You can’t get more Italian than that! My dad was a mama’s boy. He was a product of his era.

  4. Good article there sir, liked the story about the old man and i guess it’s no surprise that i’ve real all of JF, back when i had drug money to burn i found all his books on Ebay for 30 bucks for the lot, scooped it right up even though i already owned a few, have turned many Italian friends in his direction and have been rewarded by many free drinks. Good stuff.

  5. Nurse: Correct! The Wine of Youth is the reprint of Dago Red with, I believe a few extra stories thrown in. You are my gold star reader!!SB: I try to stay away from the intensely personal stuff. I’m not comfortable putting it all out there. New York, books and an occasional story about The Daughters is enough for me.kono: Thanks, tons. That guy knows how to write dialogue. If it weren’t for Bukowski, none of us would know him.

  6. point of clarification: my issues were all cleared up before my father died. well, they were for me, i can’t speak for him. xoxox(why is my comment still awaiting moderation?)

  7. Dolce: The very core of me is part fiction/part fact. Isn’t that the way with everyone?Sav: Well, I’m glad YOU got some clarity. I *think* I did. As far as the moderation stuff, I don’t have anything to do with the site, but it looks like it finally posted. THANKS. I live for feedback, which is wrong, I know, but there it is.

  8. Daisy fae said it first: Who doesn’t have father issues? Only those who don’t have fathers, and then they have issues about not having fathers!Your column was an interesting read, and has given me another thing to put on my “library list”. My “library list” is starting to become a personal joke to me, because the vast majority of the things that get on it aren’t in my local library. And yes, we do have ILL, but my experience with that service through our little library is that apparently just about anything I want to read is “not available.” I’m thinking I need to move somewhere with a better library, but the garden and vineyard are pretty much immovable.At least I have nice long list of things to look for when I am at second hand book stores.Anyway, all you literary types with your reviews: Keep on teasing me. At least I have a list of potential good books I haven’t read yet. Which is more than I can say for most of the people around here.

  9. HMH: That is the first time anybody has ever accused me of being literary! I think of literary people as people who understand Joyce or read a lot of Proust. That ain’t me!Tim: My pleasure, bub. Here’s hoping the well doesn’t run dry anytime soon.

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